The vulmix.config.ts file

This section is still under construction.

The vulmix.config.ts file is the configuration file for Vulmix located in the root of your project. It is used to set useful options for your project.

langstringThe language of your project.
headobjectThe configuration for the <head> tag.
head.titlestringThe default title of your project if none is provided with the Head component or the useHead composable.
head.metaobject[]The meta tags of your project.
head.meta[].charsetstringThe charset attribute of the meta tag.
head.meta[].namestringThe name attribute of the meta tag.
head.meta[].propertystringThe property attribute of the meta tag.
head.meta[].contentstringThe content attribute of the meta tag.
head.linkobject[]The link tags of your project.[].relstringThe rel attribute of the link tag.[].hrefstringThe href attribute of the link tag.[].sizesstringThe sizes attribute of the link tag.[].typestringThe type attribute of the link tag.[].hreflangstringThe hreflang attribute of the link tag.
head.scriptobject[]The script tags of your project.
head.script[].srcstringThe src attribute of the script tag.
head.script[].typestringThe type attribute of the script tag.
head.script[].asyncbooleanThe async attribute of the script tag.
head.script[].deferbooleanThe defer attribute of the script tag.
webpackConfig.resolve.aliasobjectCustom aliases.
transition.namestringThe name of the page transition.