What is Vulmix?

Vulmix is a small and experimental Vue meta-framework made by @ojvribeiro. It is totally inspired by Nuxt and it aims to provide a simple and powerful way to create Vue.js single page applications (SPAs) with little effort and a minimal setup from the start.

Vulmix uses Laravel Mix under the hood to handle the build process and it provides a set of tools to make the development process easier and faster.

This is what a brand new Vulmix project looks like when you run npx create-vulmix-app my-app:


And after installing the dependencies and running the project with the dev script (in this case, yarn dev):


The .vulmix folder contains all the runtime and type definitions files. You can safely ignore it since it's automatically generated and managed by Vulmix.

And you're good to go! You can start building your application right away in the app.vue file.


Since we already have Nuxt, why would we need another meta-framework?

To be honest, Vulmix started as a personal project to learn more about Vue and the ecosystem around it, but I happened to put more effort and love on it than previously expected and it has grown to be a very useful tool for me and I hope it can be useful for you too.

Nuxt is great and Vulmix took a lot of inspiration from it (auto-imports is such a nice feature). I tried to keep the same simplicity and ease of use that Nuxt has, but with a more minimal approach and a smaller scope (so no SSR or SSG). Vulmix aims to provide tools for building PWAs and web games with almost no configuration or optimization needed.